The water cycle
Updated: 2/3/2020
The water cycle
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  • I am a water molecule. H20!
  • There are millions of water molecules just like me in this lake.
  • When the sun comes out, we gain thermal energy and turn into a gas called water vapor. You can't see me in this form, but I am still there!
  • When this happens, we start to rise. This is called evaporation!
  • As I rise, temperatures get colder, and I begin to turn back into liquid water.
  • I stick to the dust particles in the air and form a cloud. This is called condensation.
  • It gets crowded up here, and the cloud starts to get heavy.
  • Once the cloud gets too crowded, we rain back down. This is called precipitation
  • Another way that water evaporates is through a process called transpiration. This is when water is evaporated off of plants.
  • After I am rained down, I accumulate, or collect in a body of water. Then, I wait for the cycle to repeat!
  • When rain runs down the mountain, it is called runoff.
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