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Updated: 10/13/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Greetings my name is barium, I am a earth Metal and I am also in Group 2A, I never saw you in this neighborhood
  • Nice to meet you Barium, I am Sulfer I am in Group 6A I am a nonmetal and yeah I just moved to this block
  • Hey Sulfer, I did not know you go to this spot, it is my favorite
  • Oh hey Barium, no way this is my favorite spot too, lets go on a date
  • I had a great dinner with you sulfur we have bonded so much
  • I really enjoyed dinner with you too Barium, we should have another date
  • Hey sulfur we just keep bonding and bonding
  • I know barium we are so Covalent
  • Lets spend the rest of our lives together Barium
  • I am so happy that we will stay covalent bonds together for the rest of our lives