Empress Wu
Updated: 12/19/2019
Empress Wu
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  • Nothing will get in my way!
  • You have earned another A+ on your assignment!
  • WHAT!?
  • I like you.
  • Empress Wu was China's first and only female emperor. She was a very powerful and influential woman and she had a demanding thirst for power. Her reign consisted of fear and terror, but this helped China become greater later.
  • I'm sacrificing you, so I can frame my rival! I will do whatever I have to do! I will also kill many more of my rivals, so I can have the power and influence that I deserve!
  • Wu Zetian was born on February 17, 624, to a decently weathly family. Because of the families wealthiness, Wu Zetian excelled in the arts and literature. Her paerents were also good friends with the future Tang Dynasty emperor, Li Yuan. 
  • None of you are worthy for the throne!
  • Why!?
  • At the age of 14, Wu Zetian went to the imperial palace to become an imperial concubine, or in other words a, "lesser wife". This allowed for her to increase her education, which then led to her become the rank of cairen, or "talented". Later she had an affair with the 9th son of the emperor.
  • I'm Empress Wu and I have changed the history of China greatly!
  • Later the 9th son became emperor, along with Wu Zetian raking as the highest concubine of the jiupin, Zhaoyi. Her new position helped her to influence and gain more power, while making important decisions as well. At this time, Wu had two sons and a daughter.
  • Later, the Emperor died. Wu's oldest son would be Emperor, but her son was not fully engaged with his mother's way, so Wu reduced him to prince. Next, was her second son. He became Emperor, only from being under house arrest, so soon, Wu Zetian took over and became Empress Wu of the Zhou Dynasty.
  • Although, Empress Wu didn't have the best relationship with her sons, or her people, she ruled with confidence, terror and fear, which helped greatly in the future. She died at the start of winter, but her presece is still know widely today because of her fierce ruling style. 
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