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Understanding the Self
Updated: 9/21/2020
Understanding the Self
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  • I'm here in the my room staring at my assignments that are to be passed today, but I haven't started yet.
  • List TO DO-Comic Strip-Reflection-Plates-Essay
  • .edu.phDue Date: 12:amCurrent Time: 4:00 pm
  • One of the things I can predict that will happen to me at these times is that I cansleep while doing my assignments, because for me, when I am at home, I am more lazy to do myschool works.
  • since I am more venerable to the things that I can be distracted, and because of this I might just able to sleep.
  • There are so many possibilities might happen right now, and if i will be looking atmy works probably i will end up nothing.
  • .edu.phDue Date: 12:amCurrent Time: 4:00 pm
  • Second situation I can predict that might happen to me is, I will get distracted on using my phone and browsing on my social media accounts
  • Since I can never restrain myself from such incidents, whatI do to control myself from falling asleep, I exercise for at least 5 minutes
  • Next is, I turned off all of my gadgets and give it to my mom, for me not to get tempted to use it every time I laid my eyes on it or I hear its ringtone.
  • 1. Plates 2. Video 3. Comics 4. Reflection 5. Essay
  • For me to improve myself to be responsible on doing my school works, I arrange them first depending on what is ahead of the deadline, and I will start immediately, then when I finish the one task, I will rest for awhile before I start the other work again.
  • .edu.phAss. #1Plate No.4
  • Then, tadaaa!! doing my works earlier than I used to do it before is more efficient and effectively to finish it earlier than expected. #CramsNoMore
  • And finally, hope I inspire you on how I improved my self from being a lazy student to being a responsible especially when it comes to overload schoolworks.
  • THE END.
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