Oral comm

Updated: 10/12/2021
Oral comm

Storyboard Text

  • Do you want to sleepover tonight guys?
  • You shoul wear a mask
  • Nah,its okay I don't believe about that virus
  • It is better to be careful than to get sick
  • Dont worry about it they just say it to scare us
  • Hey kid! why are you not wearing a mask?Do you want to die!?
  • Here I have an extra mask
  • What should I do bro?
  • Are you not watchin news?You should follow the protocols.
  • Go apologize to Mr.officer
  • Oh thanks god bro
  • Be safe kids
  • I told you,you should wear a mask
  • Sorry Mr.officer
  • Bro I'm not feeling well.
  • I told you we need to be aware of this virus