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Updated: 2/3/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Hello dear reader, I am a lord of the Midieval Era. I am a powerful land owner with many responsibility's.
  • some lords as powerful as I live in manors, but I personally live in a castle.
  • My castle is a visual reminder of the hierarchy A strict social class system with visual barriers between classes.
  • This is where my peasants stay, they mostly work the land, and they are not aloud to leave. most people are peasants and we call them serfs around here .
  • These are my knights they are armed warriors that fight on behalf of me. they usually fight on horse backs and must go threw many years of training
  • In exchange for their loyalty i bless them with lands and privileges. to hold my power i need the loyalty of many knights.
  • I am at the highest rank of society but that comes with a lot of responsibility's I must be sure to protect and defend my land.