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mughal man sa musa
Updated: 11/19/2020
mughal man sa musa
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  • Mansa Musa was the the richest person ever to live. He is 2 times as rich as Jeff Bezos who is currently worth 190 billion dollars.
  • He was so rich that he broke the gold market. And was generous towards his people and not just his family or close friends.
  • He built schools and colleges with all of the money he had, he built many monuments for his people, he was a very giving man and was not afraid to put money towards good causes.
  • He was a very religious person and made a very famous pilgrimage to mecca. He was Muslim and in 1324 made a trip to mecca with 32,000 pounds of gold. All the way to mecca was 4000 miles!
  • The kingdom was already very wealthy before Mansa Musa but he added a lot of wealth to the kingdom. Most of the wealth came from mining salts and golds from the Mali kingdom.
  • Mansa musa died in 1337 at 56 or 57 its still unknown. He lasted as king for 25 years, he left the kingdom in good hands for his son that took the reign after he died, eventually the kingdom did fall apart.
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