Odysseus's story
Updated: 12/3/2020
Odysseus's story

Storyboard Text

  • I marvel that the would leave this hound to lie here in the dung pile...(1056)
  • If this old hound could show the form he had when Lord Odysseus left him,..., you'd see him swift and strong(1063).
  • Without a master they have no will to labor, or excel(1072).
  • Odysseus is crying because his favorite dog is dying.
  • ... Your lust to marry me(1114).
  • Eumaeus is trying to comfort Odysseus.
  • I am at home, for I am he(1140).
  • Argos dies after he hears his masters voice.
  • Telemachus, the stranger you welcome in your hall has not disgraced you(1208).
  • Penelope proposes an impossible task for the suitors. The task is to string a bow only Odysseus can string because it is his bow.
  • Two men go outside and pray for Zeus to bring Odysseus home and Odysseus tells them that he is home and to clear all the women out of the hall and lock the gate because Odysseus was going to kill all the suitors but those two and his son.
  • Odysseus strings the bow and shoots the arrow threw the axes and everyone is speechless.
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