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Romulus and Remus
Updated: 11/20/2019
Romulus and Remus
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  • My crown!
  • There once was a king named Numiter, he was a generous and noble king. One day he was dethroned by his evil brother, Amulius.
  • Amulius banished Numiter's daughter, Rhea Silvia, to the temple of Mars, the god of war.
  • You look just like my daughter
  • Rhea Silvia was sentenced to be a vestal virgin. She married Mars and got pregnant. She gave birth to twin sons named Romulus and Remus. Once they were born, Amulius sent two of his men to throw them into the Tiber River. Rhea Silvia then got bured alive due to the fact that she got pregnant.
  • We should name the city Reme
  • No! We should name it Rome
  • While the twins were going down the river, a wolf saw them and took them to her den. The twins grew up with the wolves and learned their ways. One day they began to venture out and Fraustulus, a shepherd, noticed them. He took the twins and took care of them after he killed the wolf that raised Romulus and Remus.
  • The twins helped people when their livestock got stolen or their personal belongings. One day Numiter's cows got stolen and the twins brought them back to him. Numiter then had a realization, the twins were his grandsons because of how much they looked like his daughter.
  • The twins decided to make a city to celebrate all their achievements. Remus wanted to name the city Reme, but Romulus wanted to name it Rome. The twins got into a huge fight and Romulus kills Remus. Romulus then decided to name the city Rome, after the fact that he killed his brother and won the fight.
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