oppresion to women.

Updated: 4/14/2020
oppresion to women.

Storyboard Description

person vs. society. women are judged and disrespected on the daily. they're looked down on in workplaces, and really just in general. cat-called, yelled at. laughed at, it's so much at once. women are mistreated, and this story helps show it a bit. and, i used actual statements said by men, well, guys, i'm not sure if they deserve the title men. it's disgusting how women are treated, and then you could go even further into lgbtq+ and poc women, probably more too. the list goes on.

Storyboard Text

  • Hey! Why don't you just go back to the kitchen where you belong ?!
  • Can you just get out of my way ?! Women are so self-absorbed now, I wish you'd go back to washing dishes
  • Women are so annoying. Enough with the drama
  • I can't believe that. I really just can't be myself if I want to be taken seriously. Thank you though
  • I've got to be honest, if you keep dressing fancy at work, you just won't be taken seriously
  • This woman, mindning her own business while waiting for the car to finish passing, is getting yelled at by a group of teenage boys making fun of her.
  • Even with higher pay, and you're still lazy, you don't know how to respect the people that brought you here.
  • She is now walking to work, and slows down to look at a magazine. This man behind her yells at her, as if he can't just go around her.
  • "Women are such snowflakes." "Go back to the kitchen" "They don't deserve rights" "Women are so dramatic" "They cry over everything"
  • She's now at work, where she is a software engineer, but still not taken seriously. The guys here think she is a joke, and make everything so serious and strict with her, so she needs to keep it casual.
  • Toxic masculinity encourages this behavior towards women.
  • While she is going to get a drink, a male co-worker comes up and rudely gets in front of her and complains about women, but she stands up for herself.
  • Women really think they come first? Men made this world, you all just baked food.
  • As she's gotten comfortable at home, she goes on social media only to see that misogyny is normalized and a joke to people on the internet. It's everywhere, and even women themselves have learned to accept it.
  • *FIVE YEARS LATER*She's become an activist, trying to spread awareness on the topic of disrespect towards women.