Updated: 1/29/2021

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  • Jessica is so annoying. I should post embarrassing pictures of her online.
  • 1:00pm
  • fluffyunicorn12: hahaha thatsso embarrassing_Rain_bow_: Shes such a loserCow1002: Imma tag her in the comments to show her what a weirdo she isflower123: She should just die
  • k
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  • Haha these pictures of Jessica are funny.
  • Why are these embarrassing pictures of me on the internet and why are they being so mean to me.
  • I should just take these pills and die already.
  • Good Morning class. I just wanted to announce sad new. Jessica took her life yesterday because of cyber-bullying
  • I shouldn't have made fun of her
  • Im sorry Jessica but its already to late say sorry
  • In the end think before you act. Cyberbullying can happen to anyone. A simple post, comment, or say can cause a lot to happen. It can cause a person to take their life. If your being cyber bullied or see someone being cyber bullied. SPEAK UP before its to late.