Updated: 2/7/2020

Storyboard Text

  • In honor of our brave general Othello let us celebrate his marriage and the sinking of the Turkish fleets.
  • I'll keep an eye on things!
  • Michael, you'll be the head of the guard tonight. You must behave and not celebrate uncontrollably.
  • Let us drink to the health of the black Othello!
  • I have a very weak head for drinking but I will do it. I really hate the idea though.
  • If I can make Cassio drunk then maybe just maybe I can trick him into doing something that will make everyone hate him.
  • God, I already got a drink. I am slightly drunk.
  • Indeed, my friend, you've received not more than a pint. I swear on my honor.
  • Bring more wine you!! "And let me the tankard clink, clink; and me the tankard clink, clink," singing loudly.