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The Water Cycle
Updated: 10/14/2020
The Water Cycle
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  • Evaporation
  • Transpiration
  • Condensation
  • During this phase of the water cycle, I'm evaporating. I'll travel from the ocean into the clouds. While, I'm evaporating I'm turning from a liquid to a gas! The sun's radiant energy is the cause of my phase change.
  • Precipitation/ Crystalization
  • During this part of the water cycle, I go from the trees up into the atmosphere! This is called transpiration. I change from a liquid to a gas in this phase also!
  • Downhill Flow/ Surface Runoff
  • I've finally made it to the clouds! I'll be here until enough water droplets condense and make the cloud heavy enough. Once the cloud is heavy enough I'll fall back down to the ground, because of gravity!
  • Groundwater
  • Now, I've changed from a gas to a solid! Due to the temperature change, I transformed into a crystal and under went a process called crystalization.
  • Shortly after I hit the ground, I turned back into a liquid, because of the sun's radiant energy! I landed on a mountain. Gravity, pushed me and my fellow water droplets off the mountain back into the ocean, lakes, and rivers! Some of the water droplets infiltrated into the ground.
  • I've made my way back into a body of water, now the water cycle starts all over again!
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