Earths Atmosphere
Updated: 4/15/2021
Earths Atmosphere

Storyboard Text

  • Hi, i'm Mars! Where's Moon?
  • I'm Earth, and Moon should be back soon.
  • We're here to talk about the atmosphere and how Earth's was more successful than mine.
  • Mine was more successful Mars because of my magnetic field.
  • Sputtering is what played a role in taking me out.
  • Then magnetic fields from the sun pull the positively charged ions away from a planet.
  • Then molecules lose an electron turning it into a positively charged ion.
  • Sputtering is when photons from the sun strike molecules in the atmosphere.
  • Now, how did Earth survive the event but I didn't. 
  • Like I said before,because of my magnetic field!
  • But I have a magnetic field to?
  • Yes but your's isn't as powerful. Mine is generated from my core and is launched into space which protects me.
  • Oh, well thanks for having me I better get going.
  • Alright i'll tell moon you said by if he ever gets back.
  • Hey guys, what I miss!