Updated: 6/21/2020

Storyboard Text

  • What happened ?Oh , I must clean them off !
  • Did you do anything to her ? Tell me more about you and her...
  • What ?! You say Orla was death ?How could this happen ? And I love Orla so much , how could I kill her ?
  • Did you know your girlfriend , Orla , died for some days ?
  • !
  • Oh ! There are flowers and some shredded paper !
  • George woke up on a Friday morning and found blood all over his bed . While George was cleaning his flat , the police found George's girlfriend , Orla's body in the river .
  • The flower shop is here.
  • I don't know everything you say !
  • The police came to George's place and asked him about the murder . He told him the murderer may contected with FLAIR . So the police found out Keane .
  • You are the killer ! Bring Orla back to me !
  • You used me to help you kill the girl !
  • George and the police came into his girlfriend's flat. They found flowers and some shredded paper .
  • Oh no , please put down your gun !
  • Bomb !
  • Oh my god !
  • After they came to the flower shop,they found that the flowers were bought by George's friend , Michael.
  • Let us get in and ask the owner something.
  • Keane and George went to ask Michael and he told the truth : He killed George's girlfriend , Orla.
  • Michael told the police everything and shot himself .
  • It's too late !