Hamilton Exam EL
Updated: 11/26/2020
Hamilton Exam EL

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  • Hamilton - Title Track
  • Story of Tonight
  • Yorktown
  • Hamilton is introduced as an important person, with a hard life before coming to the US. He was determined to do a great job, and get his life turned around. Hamilton was met by Burr who he had looked for in hopes for advice.
  • Nonstop
  • Hamilton, Burr, Laffeyette, and Muligan had all met together for a drink to talk about their hopes. They all wanted a better form of government. They also explained the importance of freedom and what it would bring them.
  • Cabinet Battle 1
  • Hamilton learns that Eliza, his wife, is pregnant with his son. He wants to start the battle now and start the new nation so he can spend tie with his family. They go into battle, then eventually the redcoats surrender.
  • Election of 1800s
  • Hamilton and Burr worked with each other and g4raduated, but Hamilton succeeded faster. They delt with the first murder trail with the new form of governing. Hamilton goes to Burr to help him with the US Constiution.