Unknown Story
Updated: 6/16/2020
Unknown Story
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  • Despite Amulius's precautions rhea has given birth to two twins the father is Mars
  • When Amulius found out about Rheas twin's he orders a maid to drown them luckily the twins are rescued by a she wolf. Some time later a sheperd called faustulus heard the babies crying and took them home to his wife lorentia.
  • the twins are brought up by the couple lorentia and faustulus into young men they had no idea who their parents where until remus was captured by robbers
  • romulus set of to rescue his brother to find he's grandfather Numitor who had been driven out of the throne by Amulius . When numitor revealed to the twins that he was their grandfather, weeping with joy they made plans to kill Amilus and succeeded .
  • Numitor was eager for the boys to rule alongside him but Romulus and Remus decided to create a new city. The difficult part was deciding who would be king out of the two of them. They decided to look up at the sky for a sign from the gods as they did not know who was older.
  • Romulus had won as he had seen the most eagles , and started planning out his new city. Remus visited Romulus while he was building the city. Remus started saying negative things about his city and so this escalated into having a fatal fight.
  • Romulus had killed remus and named his city Rome after his name.
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