Updated: 12/16/2020

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  • the golden curse
  • king midas sits in an enormas room that over flows with treaser. he arranges counts his gold then his daughter marygold asks if he could come see her garden and he responds with you made me lose my count. you sit in here all day and just count don't you have anything better to do said marygold. what is better than counting my wonderfulgold. now leave me daughter you are distracting me
  • an old man came to see king midas.king midas was kind to this man. the man rewords him. he said to him "for your kindness you can have anything you ask." i would like to turn everything i touch into gold said king midas. are you sure. yes. ok everything you touch shall tern to gold. he touches something and it worked it turned to gold.
  • he had a party to celibrate. everyone cheered for his golden touch exept for marry gold. she did not like his gift she though it was selfish. he also realized the cons of his wish he could not eat cause all the food he touched turned gold. marry gold saw him she thought he looked ill and she put her hand on him then she instently turned to gold. king midous was mad he cried no not my precious daughter. long story short he learned his lesson and the man who gave him the wish/curse lets his daughter return.
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