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Water Cycle Project
Updated: 10/13/2020
Water Cycle Project
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  • Evaporation
  • Hello, Im a water droplet. I just got down hear. For some reason its getting hot.
  • Condensation
  • Hello again now I'm floating and its getting really cold
  • Precipitation
  • Ah! I'm falling from the sky.
  • The water droplet is getting ready to be evaporated or Evaporation. Also it is going to change from a liquid to a gas. The suns energy causes evaporation.
  • Crystallization
  • The water drop is going to got through a stage called condensation when the droplet with turn back into a liquid as a gas.
  • Downhill flow
  • Hello again, I just fell from in the air and I am now going down stream
  • The water drop is getting dragged down because of Gravity. This part of the water cycle is called Precipitation.
  • Transpiration
  • The water drop just fell from the sky as a solid. This is called crystallization. This is when a liquid turned into a solid.
  • Uh! I just fell from the sky. I'm soooo cold!
  • The water drop is going down down a stream which is called downhill flow. The water drop cooled of and turned back into a liquid.
  • The water droplet just came from downhill flow and is now going through transpiration. The water drop is going to go up the air.
  • I just got of the stream and now are on a tree. It is getting very hot.
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