broken blade. Lexi Armstrong
Updated: 2/28/2020
broken blade. Lexi Armstrong

Storyboard Text

  • I want to become a voyageur.
  • Woah! your hands are blistering!
  • here, this padding should help.
  • Here we go!
  • Get ready for a wild ride!
  • PULL!!
  • Pierre's father chopped off his thumb while chopping wood. Pierre felt really bad, so he decided he wanted to try and get a job to make profit in place of his dad.
  • As they were paddling, Pierre's blisters started bleeding. Pierre didn't want to be a burden so he kept going along. La Londe noticed Pierre's blisters. He put padding on Pierre's paddles to help him. Pierre started to miss school and home, being a voyageur is difficult so far.
  • Pierre was about to enter his first rapids. He was pretty nervous, but his crew reassured him that it would be ok. He was still scared, but he had faked that he had fun.
  • You have grown so much!
  • At first they were smooth sailing across Lake Superior, but after a while huge waves started rolling in. Pierre was having a rough time trying to forget how his friends had tried to drown him last summer and it didn't make matters any better for him.
  • Pierre and his crew finally made it to Grand Portage! Charbonneau showed Pierre around. Pierre got introduced to Mukwa. They had a very big dinner with lots of people. Pierre got asked to dance by a girl and said no, but Charbonneau told the girl that pierre would love to.
  • Pierre arrived back in Lachine. He was going to surprise his father but his father saw him before he could. I think that Pierre will want to go back and be a voyageur again next year. He seemed to really enjoy it for the most part.