lexi armstrong flour milling
Updated: 4/17/2020
lexi armstrong flour milling

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  • Minneapolis had only small businesses, when Charles Pillsbury arrived in 1869. Charles had grown up in New Hampshire, where he had learned all about the business world. He worked for a company that made farm produce to nearby markets in Montreal, Canada.
  • Flour Mills have been turning wheat into flour at St.Anthony falls for 15 years by the time Charles arrived. The amount of flour was quite small, compared to other mills. Charles and a few other Industrialists wanted to change that. Charles invested in a failing flour mill hoping to turn it around.
  • Charles knew that we was going into a tough business. He knew he would have to work hard to succeed. So therefore he did...
  • In the next five years his business was thriving immensely! With his new wealth he was able to make investments in improving his mill. He was able to buy additional mills as well.
  • By late the 1870s, production at his mills increased from 300 barrels of flour a day to 3,000 barrels of flour a day. Everything was working in his favour just how he had hoped! Other mill owners ended up expanding there land to Minneapolis. They saw similar increases in production.
  • Charles Pillsbury and other flour mill owners relied on money and a combination of natural resources, new machines, and the help of workers in order to be successful. In the decades after the civil war, these essentials came together to make Minnesota the flour milling capital of the world
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