Egyptian God Project
Updated: 11/22/2019
Egyptian God Project

Storyboard Text

  • Hello there. My friends and I here to tell you about the Egyptian God Khnum. Khnum is a creator god and the God of the Cataracts, Potter, and Inundation. He guarded the first cataract and molded people out of mud from the Nile with a potter's wheel. Khnum is very important because he helps with the flooding of the Nile and is the patron deity for potters.
  • Khnum's name in hieroglyphs is a bakset with a handle, twisted flax, ripple of water, quail chick, and an owl. The symbols that represent him are a stone jar filled with water and the animal that represents him which is a curly-horned ram. This meant that he was called "the Great Potter". Khnum is worshiped in Elephantine and Esna.
  • Khnum is related to Min, the God of Reproduction, and he has a wife named Satis, Goddess of Inundation, and a daughter named Anuket, Goddess of Cataracts like him.
  • Khnum is described as a man with the head of a curly-horned ram holding an Ankh.
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