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Social Studies
Updated: 10/8/2019
Social Studies
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  • Paleolithic Times
  • Finally, I killed one pig after all these days of hunting.
  • Five days of gathering and I think I have one basket full of food.
  • Agriculture Revolution
  • Hi, I am Joe's pig. My name is Bacon. I have a bad feeling that i soon will become my name.
  • Permanent Houses
  • This is me and my wife's new permanent home. Our son,Bob is old enough to help us around the house, but our daughter Suzy is not quite old enough.
  • Hi, my name is Joe. Me and my wife are nomads. We live in the paleolithic times and hunt and gather all of our food, there are a lot of problems with that. We never get enough food to feed our whole family, just one or two people. Another problem is our child, Bob, he always is forced to come hunting with us. Last time we went, he got a scar from the wild boar attack. We are planing on having another kid, hopefully a girl.
  • Surplus Of Food
  • Different Jobs
  • I get to trade l my basket to Joe, for food!
  • This is a great idea to live in one spot and just farm all of our crops and domesticate our animals, and turn them into food. I own this farm and my pig, Bacon. Me and my wife just bought this farm because we got tired of going around killing animals and spending hours gathering food. We have domesticated our pig, pigs, and dog, Milo. We milk our cows and kill our pigs for food after we raise them and our dog helps chase off birds and other animals that eat our crops. The agricultural revolution is great because we get more food and better homes.
  • This is our new permanent home, it is much better because, we don't have to walk around gathering food anymore. We built it by hand and our son helped us. Bob, our son can help us farm and around the house.
  • Trading
  • Here you go.
  • Now that we own a farm we have a surplus of food, maybe even too much to eat, we could trade it. This is a lot better than when we hunted our food, because now we have enough food to eat three meals every day and trade some. We can get baskets to carry some food and other items. For now though, we have too much food to eat.
  • These are my friends, they both do different jobs that have nothing to do with agriculture. One of them makes tools and the other makes baskets to trade and use for daily purposes. They make the baskets to trade for a surplus of food and animals and the tools to trade and make more tools with.
  • Trading is a way of getting more resources and food. The reason that we can trade is that people now do different jobs and make different things that people want. Some examples of things that we can trade are domesticated animals, bricks, food, crops, baskets and tools.
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