Reported Speech

Updated: 7/29/2020
Reported Speech

Storyboard Text

  • The Doctor said that social distancing had changed life for all of us including teens, they had a lot of questions.
  • She asked why she couldn't go to Emma's house to watch a movie if they don´t touch each other
  • He asked what was the problem if he don´t see anybody around him with the virus and he just wanted to play basketball with his friends
  • The doctor said that she could had Covid-19 and might not know it, so if she went to Emma´s house, she would touch things like doorknobs, remote controls, and she risked infecting Emma´s family
  • He said that she and Emma could go for a walk or use videochat
  • He said that he ran cross-country and his lungs were very storng, he wasn´t going to get sick
  • He said that also healthy young people had been infected and become very ill and he needed to take coronavirus seriously and social distancing protected him and other people
  • He said that they had heard that Covid-19 mainly affected older people and people with chronic conditions
  • She wanted to know why she couldn't see her friends now beacuse she had read that millions of people were going to get sick by the time tis is all over.
  • He said that some of them including teens would need to stay in the hospitals, but some of them hadn´t had enough supplies or beds for them
  • And he said that staying at home helped flatten the curve
  • He said that if one player was infected, he could spread infected droplets through the air or even he could infect the ball
  • He said that playing basketball involved many close contact between people
  • The Doctor said it was very important to follow the rules of social distancing, them would make a difference in the community