Life as a Pioneer
Updated: 2/4/2021
Life as a Pioneer

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  • Life as a Pioneer
  • Items to bring on the Oregon Trail
  • when you might Begin your journey
  • Created By: Amelia Jane Lynn Bennett
  • foods you might eat
  • I would bring coffee for something to give me energy, i would also bring a gun for hunting, lastly i would bring is some extra close to wear.
  • crossing rivers
  • my family and i will leave for our journey in may we have to get there before winter comes and animals will have grass to eat to.
  • we made it !!!!!
  • food i would pack are meat , mash potato's , and last but not least and some deer.
  • we can cross the rivers by covering the base of our wagon with buffalo skin and floating ford the river if it is not to deep.
  • we made it it was a hard journey but all of the pain that we went though and after we build our house it is time to decorate the house the we can relax.