209 Monsters on Maple Theme Project(High)
Updated: 12/15/2020
209 Monsters on Maple Theme Project(High)

Storyboard Text

  • When hysteria and paranoia take control, chaos ensues.
  • This means that when people let paranoia and hysteria get to them and start to control them they start to cause chaos
  • This is a dialogue
  • Tommy-"That was the way they prepared things for the landing. They sent four people. A mother and a father and two kids who looked just like humans...but they weren't."
  • Now you can infer everyone is thinking, "then who is the things." They are now probably paranoid and don't trust anyone.
  • "Charlie slowly raises the gun. As the figure gets closer and closer he suddenly pulls the trigger."
  • This is stage directions
  • This is saying that he was so scared and paranoid of the figure that was walking towards them Charlie shot it because he didn't trust it
  • This is the Narrator talking"before the monsters came."
  • This is telling us that there were monsters. This is now telling us that their is monsters. We can infer that the narrator means that the people in the neighborhood really thought that there were monsters in the neighborhood.