Updated: 1/27/2021

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  • Really? that's awesome !!
  • So.. what's yall's nationality? mine's fully American.
  • Well I'm visiting America but I'm Arabian. :)
  • Well I'm actually Chilean visiting America also.
  • I'm actually Kenyan from Kenya ! :)
  • I'm from Ireland so I'm Irish! catch me if you can Aki!
  • Really? That's super cool lol
  • I'm actually Asian I'm visiting America . Hey! Wait up Jaeden!
  • You better watch out! I love soccer, my whole family is Mexican and that's a popular sport from Mexico.
  • What are your favorite foods? Mine are .... La Longasta, El cordero , Los Almejas , and and la carne.
  • My favorite food's are .... Los Mariscos, la carne de res biftec, and la chuleta de cerdo.
  • I'm So scArEd . BRING IT ON!! HAHAHA