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Week 4 "Last Night I Sang to the Monster" Pages 105 - 136
Updated: 3/23/2019
Week 4 "Last Night I Sang to the Monster" Pages 105 - 136
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  • In therapy with Adam, Zach starts to think about the meaning of eyes to him
  • "I know the color of Adam's eyes... Rafael's eyes... Mr. Garcia's eyes... I don't know the color of mine."
  • Zach mentions that he doesn't remember his own eye color so Adam wants for them to look together
  • '"Is it because we all see you?'"
  • "'And what do you like about our eyes?'"
  • '"I like them."'
  • "'I guess.'"
  • They both look into the mirror at Zach and it makes Zach upset
  • '"Why would anybody want to tell me that?... Don't ever say that."'
  • '"I'm making up that... you were thinking of [our] eyes is that you understand what our eyes are telling you... that you're a beautiful young man."'
  • Zach studies Adam's eyes and starts comparing them to summer in his head, a contrast to the harsh winter outside. He remembers the colors of other people's eyes but forgets his own. He starts to imagine seeing through the eyes of those people and the lives they have lived, wondering if he will live as long or with such fascinating, amazing hearts and minds.
  • Adam notices that Zach is zoning out and asks where is head is at, then questioning Zach's focus on eyes. After Zach admits to forgetting his own eye color, Adam invites Zach to follow him and look in the mirror. Adam points out Zach's hazel eyes, green-hued that day, and the boy compares his own eyes to summer, but denies it with the harsh view of winter and tries to turn away from himself.
  • '"I don't like looking at myself.'"
  • Adam tries to understand why Zach hates looking at himself and realizes that maybe Zach was never seen or affirmed him. Adam tries to be honest to Zach and causes the boy to shut down, crying and shaking. Adam asks him the last time he was told he was loved and seen and Zach sobs that he doesn't remember. This is a deep insight into Zach's mind and memories, understanding his hatred beyond his actions that he projects onto himself.
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