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Updated: 11/12/2019
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  • E.T beginning
  • E.T middle
  • E.T end
  • In the beginning the setting is the house, its present, and its night time. Elliot hears E.T and he thinks it a animal. He tells his mom and brother and they all go outside to try to find it. They don't find it so they go back inside. Later in the night Elliot goes back outside and he runs and drops his candy. He is scared but also eager to find out what it is so he goes outside and sits in a chair until E.T comes out and when he does he gets really nervous and then E.T gives him his candy he dropped
  • In the middle the settings is present and his house and outside. Elliot lures E.T to his room with a path of candy and E.T goes along picking up the pieces. Once E.T is in Elliot's room he starts knocking things over. Elliot puts E.T in his closet and goes to bed. The next day he shows E.T to his sister and brother.
  • In the end the setting is the house.. They put Elliot and E.T in a bunch of medical things to keep them living. slowly Elliot and E.T don't have the same heart beat and Elliot is okay but E.T isn't. E.T slowly dies and Elliot is so downcast. They let Elliot say goodbye to E.T but then E.T comes alive and he is so cheerful. Elliot has to act like he is sad so they still take him away. They steal the truck that E.T is in and they have to run away from everyone trying to get E.T but then they get to the woods and E.T's family is there ready to get him. E.T and Elliot say goodbye and E.T leaves to go back home.
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