Updated: 2/9/2020

Storyboard Text

  • free my people or bad things will happen to your people!
  • no!!
  • promise to free my people to make it stop, or it'll get worse.
  • yeah, yeah i promise!!
  • a bad plague will attack your city and kill all of your people.
  • FINE! i'll free your people. leave us alone.
  • Moses comes to the pharaoh and tells him to free all Israelite's from slavery. He warns him that if he doesn't, bad thing will happen to his people. The pharaoh doesn't believe this and refuses.
  • And so the bad things started happening. Flies swarmed everyone and the pharaoh was not happy. Pharaoh made a promise, but he never kept it.
  • get my men, we're going after them.
  • It kept happening, pharaoh kept making endless promises. So Moses threatened even worse.
  • The Israelite's followed Moses, making their way out. They were free.
  • But Pharaoh still wasn't happy, so he sent his army after them.
  • Thanks to the power of God, the weather stopped their army from stomping on the Israelite's and they all lived happily.