The most dangerous game
Updated: 2/25/2020
The most dangerous game

Storyboard Text

  • Lets go look here for him.
  • He might've swam here.
  • After wondering around the island all day Whitney finds himself upon a house in the woods
  • Whitney is that you?
  • I found you Rainsford!
  • What have you been doing this whole time its been months?
  • Whats here to hunt I haven't seen many animals?
  • I've been hunting.
  • Well its not your average animal.
  • They're? You can't mean people.
  • You should get some rest were gonna have a big day tomorrow!
  • What do you mean not your average animal.
  • Well they're the most smart and cunning thing you've ever met!
  • Its OK I was against it at first too but now I've come to love it!
  • Deal.
  • You have three days to escape me and if you win ill let you leave if not then you know.
  • OK Rainsford ill play your game but if i win you come home with me.
  • Yes I do its all part of the game.
  • You lasted almost as long as I didgoodbye old friend.
  • Stop you dont have to do this.
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