The Old Man and the Sea
Updated: 5/18/2020
The Old Man and the Sea

Storyboard Text

  • Mr. Santiago, I don’t want to leave. I like working with you.!
  • I’m sorry, but, I want you to stay but, you can’t. Since we haven’t been able to catch a fish for eighty-seven days.!
  • It’s good seeing you too!
  • “I pulled it already and nothing! I don’t want it the marlin to drag me further. !” “Let go NOW!”.
  • I really wish he was here, I feel really lonely. I can’t even see Havana anymore.
  • I’ll watch this side!
  • I’m going in, and going to steal that Nobel Piece Price that Ernest Hemingway received.
  • Alright, I’ll watch this side! You go in and get it!
  • So happy to see you Ernest!
  • Shall we continue with our weeding? Pastor.!