Updated: 1/26/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Aw man I haven't seen my old school in so long, it's completely revamped! Can't wait to see my old friends!
  • Alright better go try find someone since I don't know where to go as usual.
  • Hope this class meeting ends up being fun...
  • Long time no see Alex! You've changed quite a lot yourself, I'm happy to see you again!
  • T- Tedi???You look so different oh my God...
  • We'll be in the library since it's spacious for all of us. Let's get going!
  • I'm happy to see you as well bro! Where are we supposed to go for the meeting btw?
  • Hey Rali! Let's go!
  • Hey Alex! We were waiting for you come on let's get going!
  • Hey everyone!
  • Hey Alex!