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Adrianna Mancuso 5
Updated: 9/17/2020
Adrianna Mancuso 5
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  • my life sucks
  • I never get anything
  • no I cannot go I dont have an expensive dress give it to another wife that can dress better than me.
  • i thought you would be thrilled
  • surprise i have tickets to a ball
  • my dear friend may I borrow a diamond necklace for the ball.
  • sure take whatever you like!
  • Matilda loisel is charming and wears clean clothes. She has a pretty good life, but still wishes for more, and wants nicer things.
  • oh no i lost the necklace
  • Oh no let me go check the carriage maybe you droped it there
  • Mr. Loisel got tickets to a ball. He thought his wife would be thrilled to go but she isnt, because she says she dosnt have a dress. He gave her 400 Frances to go buy one, and said to borrow a necklace from a friend.
  • the stupid necklace look what it got us into im going to take a walk and deliver close
  • ok ill be here if you need me
  • Her very nice friend lets her borrow a diamond necklace for the ball. Loisel is now thrilled and excited to go to the ball.
  • oh look what you did tome all because you let me borrow that necklace it took us 10 years to pay that of
  • oh dear that necklace was not worth 500 frances and you look so ugly
  • once they got home loisel realizes she lost the necklace. She and her husband were distraught, they arrived at the carriage and it was not there. the necklace was lost.
  • after loisel lost the necklace sh made her and her husband borrow so much money and put them in dept for 10 long years.during that time they worked meany long days to replace that necklace they lost.
  • 10 years later loisel runs into her friend on the street. her friend dosnt recognize her because she has become so old. after telling her the truth she realized the necklace she borrowed was fake.
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