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Updated: 2/18/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Time period: 3300-1300 B.C
  • the great baths is a large squared hole that was used to keep water in it. Also Many people believe the 'great bath' found in Mohenjo-Daro suggests the Indus people held similar beliefs about purity.
  • OH Hi!! Welcome to Indus valley. If you didn't know the Indus valley is located in Northern India. Its also its right next to the Indus valley river
  • homes in Indus valley
  • Houses here are made up of mud brick. The tops are flat. The roof is the coldest place here. That makes the roof a good place to hang out.
  • toilets and sewer system
  • this is are toilets and sewer system people stand over a the hole and tip water over them. Dirty water flows through pipes and drain trough the streets
  • the great bath and rituals
  • seals
  • seals are made up of different types of stuff like stone and clay.Pictures on seals and other artifacts show what look like figures of gods
  • Trades are very important to us. We mostly trade with Mesopotamia. a couple years ago the Indus cities started to fail, Mesopotamia was going through huge political problems. Their trade networks collapsed and thiswas a big impact on the Indus cities. There would have been less work for traders and for manufacturers
  • trading