Updated: 3/8/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Noted Ma'am
  • Mr's Please Think about new marketing plan. Our company is not having huge sales this month.
  • I should work on it hard so that I can have my promotion.
  • I can't think about new marketing plan. If I go get Mr. Lee's work I'm probably going to have promotion!
  • Madam! Have you received my work?
  • Yes, Mr. Chu your work is really impressive. I like it!
  • Hey Mr. Chu! You stole my marketing plan for this company without asking my permission.
  • Huh? Mr. Lee I don't stole your marketing plan that's my work.
  • I'm really sorry Mr. Lee, I took your work.
  • Hey Mr. Chu it's okay, next time you should take credits when getting others work.
  • Taking Credit For Others’ Work