NL studies
Updated: 2/25/2021
NL studies

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  • get it!
  • theres one !
  • Our story takes place back in the 1800s. With our two sealers John and Peter. did this for a leaving to support their family.
  • John and Peter would go for weeks upon weeks sealing. Every other weekend they were on that boat. Thats all they could do though that was the best way to make money.
  • you ready to head back peter me son.
  • Yes man needs to see the wife she's probably worried sick.
  • So john and peter would do the same things go home for a week they leave again and didn't matter money didn't last forever and they knew that.
  • One time John and peter asked so more people to help cause more people the more seals and they wanted a go so good that they could stay home for a nice while and at at time seal oil and pelts where the most wanted things.
  • That day was the best day John and peter had seen for the amount of seals they got they could take a months break with this load.
  • this is it i finally get to spend time wit me family
  • holy mother of god
  • But John and peter never made it home that night-the snow and wind where so bad that John lost control of the boat and they crashed. That was the danger in sealing and other things that had to do wit leaving in bad weather, Because John and Peter never got to spend time with their family like the wanted.