the outsiders ch.1-5
Updated: 5/8/2020
the outsiders ch.1-5

Storyboard Text

  • ch.1 (exposition)
  • ch.2 (exposition)
  • ch.3 (event in rising action)
  • as pony boy was walking home from the movies and got jumped by the socs
  • ch.3 (event in rising action)
  • johnny and Dallas and pony boy go to the drive in theater and sneak in
  • ch.4 (event in rising action)
  • pony boy gets slapped by his older brother darry as they get into a argument
  • ch.5 (event in rising actions)
  • pony boy runs away as he got slapped and thought about darry and him probably not meaning to slap him
  • I didn't mean to!
  • pony boy is getting settled into the abandoned church as johnny made his way to the town to pick up supplies
  • pony boy gets a letter from soda saying that darry feels bad and that he is sorry
  • sorry