milgrams study

Updated: 10/5/2021
milgrams study

Storyboard Text

  • good morning, I'm here for the experiment advertised on the newspaper for memory and learning
  • okie dok, could I please have your full name and participant number - and please pick a slip from this bowl this will tell you your role for today's experiment
  • make sure you stop screaming after 300 volts. make sure you get louder each time and just say whats on the script also thats cool
  • i've just been asked to feature in the pink panther - minor character but still important so this will be light-weight
  • you will have to ask the questions shown on the sheet and if the learner gets it wrong or doesn't attempt to answer shock them increasing the shock each time - effects of voltage is shown on box - won't cause much tissue damage and it is vital you continue through the experiment
  • okie i understand btw none of these volts are deathly are they? that 15 volts felt like nothing
  • thank you for participating in the experiment , there was some deception within the experiment with the idea that this an experiment about the effects of authority and no one was harmed with the shocks