Health Project
Updated: 2/8/2020
Health Project
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  • ah jeez looks like trouble
  • Hey kid! What are you doing out here? Wanna have a drink? Or even a smoke? Come on lets have some fun!
  • Come on kid its not gonna hurt you just try it! Come on all the cool kids are doing it!
  • As Tommy is walking into town, he notices two grown men smoking and drinking outside of a newspaper stand. He never liked the idea of smoking or drinking. As he is walking by, they speak to him.
  • No. I do not do those types of things. It will mess up my health. If you guys want to do it, I wont stop you but know that it is hurting your health a lot.
  • Tommy used refusal skills: 1. say No2. use non-verbal body language3. validate the others opinions
  • The first man asks Tommy is he wants to drink or smoke with them, even though he knows Tommy is underage.
  • Okay. We get it.
  • Hes got a point.
  • The second man encourages and persists to tell Tommy to join them.
  • Even though they tried hard to pressure Tommy into doing things he didn't want to do, he used his refusal skills to stop them from persisting.
  • Even though the two guys didn't like what Tommy said, they understood he didn't want to and stopped offering him the beer and cigarettes.
  • Tommy then went about his day, glad he didn't give in to the temptation and able to keep his body health.
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