my daily routine
Updated: 11/30/2020
my daily routine

Storyboard Text

  • So one day there was this kid name carlos but lately hes been doing regular school and right now hes about to wake up cause he has to go to school but your gonna see everything yourself.Mom:Carlos get up you got to get ready for school. But Carlos woke up as slow as a sloth.
  • So Carlos goes head off to school but for some reason he keeps yawning alot than thats when he remembered he stay up late playing video game but there was no going backCarlos: (Yawning) see ya later mom have a good day.Mom: You to carlos bye. Carlos was as tired as a turtle.
  • Turns out all that yawning and staying up made him go to sleep and he was snoring as loudly as a lion. Teacher: Wake up carlos i told you not to stay up late at night. Carlos:Sorry i just didn't get any sleep and I stayed up all night(yawns)