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Updated: 11/5/2020
Unknown Story

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  • By: Catherine and Maya Creating a stable food supply
  • During life in the Paleolithic age Early modern humans went from place to place hunting and gathering food. During the time of the Paleolithic age, there was not a lot of trading at all.
  • The first change in the Neolithic age was agriculture. This helped us in many ways.
  • The invention of Agriculture was very important because getting food is a lot easier, it also created a reliable food supply for people in the Neolithic age.
  • One of the next changes we had in the Neolithic age is we built permanent shelters.
  • These shelters were important because they kept us very safe, and we could also make, and store food in these shelters.
  • Agriculture made it so that we did not have to move around and find food. We can stay in one place, grow our crops, and live in these permanent shelters that keep us safe.