Izzy Babcock Constitution Comic
Updated: 12/8/2020
Izzy Babcock  Constitution Comic

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  • Our Idea of a great law is that poor people shall get one day a week to buy any food they want for free and the rich shall eat pickles for the day.
  • Legislative branch
  • NO people should ever eat pickles when they are RICH like US! Espechally not for a day!
  • 100 votes
  • Pennsyvania wants you to be our cheif Executuve!!!
  • Maine wants you!
  • Executive Branch
  • Michigan Wants You!!(16) electors want you!
  • 0 electoral
  • Judicial Branch
  • Dang it I got caught!
  • This man stole food when someone was not looking we need a bigger law to prevent this we have settled with 6 months in prison
  • Now we will be providing more food banks so people dont have to steal to eat. We will also try to talk to the legislative branch and try to help make there idea of a law possible
  • Legislative
  • Checking the power of other branches prevents the other branch to take more power by cheking the laws past before they can pass them
  • Checks & balances
  • Executive
  • Balances is when the goverment takes some part in all brances to provide equal power.
  • You shall only have the power of YOUR branch If you do take power...
  • Judicial
  • Amendments
  • sorry sir but we dont pass this amendment.
  • Add this to the constetution!!!!
  • We need an ammendment MY idea of an update to our US constetution is that on fridays everyone wears pink
  • I would rather eat pickles for a day (pinks too expensive!!)
  • WHY?!
  • National goverment
  • we are the national goverment neal for we are in rule!!
  • whats a HIGHWAY!?
  • Would you STOP your raging act of tyranny twords everyone we are goverments with now shared power we WILL work together !
  • state goverment
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