Julius Caesar Act IV Summary

Updated: 5/19/2020
Julius Caesar Act IV Summary

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  • Antony, Lepidus, and Octavius meet to make a list of senators, who will be killed for conspiring against Caesar.
  • "These many, then, shall die; their names are pricked." (Caesar, 1)
  • Antony tells Octavius that they will use Lepidus to help them earn what they want, but he's not fit enough to get the power that comes after.
  • "Then take we down his load, and turn him off,/ Like to the empty ass, to shake his ears/ And graze in commons."(Caesar 25-27a)
  • After deciding to get a good night's rest before heading to Philippi, everyone except Brutus falls asleep. While they are sleeping, Brutus sees the ghost of Julius Caesar, saying he's Brutus' evil spirit. This causes him to awake the others in fear of what he saw.
  • "You may do your will;/ But he's a tried and valiant soldier."(Caesar (27b-28)
  • IN ROME...
  • Brutus & Cassius
  • A civil war has broken out in Rome due to the political tension it's facing.
  • VS
  • Antony & Octavius
  • "Cicero one?" (Caesar 231a)
  • After an argument, Brutus and Cassius are informed by Titinius and Messala that Cicero and other senators have been killed by Antony's orders.
  • "Octavius, Antony, and Lepidus/ Have put to death an hundred senators." (Caesar 226-227)
  • "Why com'st thou?" (Caesar, 334b)
  • "Thy evil spirit, Brutus." (Caesar, 334a)
  • After seeing the ghost of Julius Caesar, Brutus tells Varro and Claudius to tell Cassius they will begin their march to Phillipi right away in order to arrive there before Antony and Octavius' army.
  • "Go and commend me to my brother Cassius./ Bid him set on his powers betimes before,/ And we will follow." (Caesar, 356-358a)
  • "It shall be done, my lord." (Caesar, 358b)