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Updated: 9/15/2021
Unknown Story

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  • My mother,sister and I were in the airport awaiting for our Flight to Chicago, I wasnervous because it was my first time on a plane my sister and I were going to Denmark and my mom was going to Somalia
  • Departure
  • After an hour or so our flight was readyto depart, that is when my stomach sank
  • We finally got inside the plane, when they shut the doors we sat for 30 minutes after, when the pilot came on the intercom and said we were delayed due to weather conditions
  • We sat for another 30 minutes when the pilot said we will be returning inside until further notice
  • Delayed
  • We came back inside and waited for a hour and a half, at that point it was not nervous anymore just anxious
  • We got back inside the plane when the weather got better in Columbus, but the weather in Chicago had gotten worse, so we waited another 30 minutes in the plane
  • At that point my mom was very upset because she was going to miss her connecting flight, many people had left including the person sitting next to me
  • Finally the plane departs, I was very hungry, tired, and it was hard fir me to breathe, overall I hated my first experience on a plane, but it got better on my connective flights