Updated: 10/4/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Hello! I am Jose, a Police Officer, I am 26 years old and in the Greater Chicago area.
  • I along with the rest of my team responds to 911 calls and any emergencies that occur.
  • I enjoy my job as a police officer, despite the dangers that it brings.
  • Such as that time when I had a struggle with a drunk man that had many knifes in his possession.
  • Thankfully, I was able to detain him with the help of my fellow K9
  • Ever since I was young, I wanted to help the public and uphold the law.
  • I also looked up to my cousin, who was a police officer too,
  • His stories whenever he came over greatly inspired me.
  • I go into schools and inform young children and teens about the dangers of breaking the law
  • I also love enjoying interacting with kids and possibly inspire some of them to become a officer too!
  • I do not enjoy arresting people, but it is my duty and job to the country.
  • For those that have committed crimes, I arrive at the scene and survey the situation
  • I also help the public in other ways, such as directing traffic, inspect areas for unusual activity.