2 step equations

Updated: 5/20/2020
2 step equations

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  • Hi my name is Jessica and i love math and would be happy to help
  • Hi, My name is Olivia and i need help with my math homework, it is about 2 step equations
  • Thank you so much!
  • In 2 step equations you have to get the variable by itself .
  • What do you do in a 2 step equation?
  • Ok that seems simple enough.
  • The first step is to do the opposite of the addition or subtraction on both sides
  • Yes! then it cancels out the +5 and brings the 21 down to 16. So the updated problem is 2x=16
  • So you would subtract 5 from the +5 and the 21
  • The problem is 2x+5=21
  • The next step in this problem is to the opposite in this operation so you would have to divide by 2
  • After we multiply on both sides we get x=8
  • The first step to solve a 2 step equation is to do the opposite for addition and subtraction.
  • the second step is to do the opposite of the multiplication or division.
  • No problem! I'm glad you understand
  • Thank you for helping me on doing 2 step equations!