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The picture of Dorian Gray. Chapter six
Updated: 9/17/2020
The picture of Dorian Gray. Chapter six
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  • Unexpected news
  • Dorian Gray is engaged to be married
  • Dorian engaged to be married!... Impossible!
  • Upset by the news
  • Dorian is far too wise not to do foolish things now and then, my dear Basil.
  • Marriage is hardly a thing that one can do now and then, Harry.
  • I can’t believe it. Dorian is far too sensible.
  • Dorian arrives
  • And I don’t forgive you for being late for dinner(...)and then you will tell us how it all came about.
  • My dear Harry, my dear Basil, you must both congratulate me!
  • I hope you will always be very happy, Dorian,“but I don’t quite forgive you for not having let me know...
  • Lord Henry and Basil went to little private room at Bristol where they were going to met with Dorian. Henry ask to Basil if he has heard the news that Dorian is engaged to be married. Basil was surpise but asks to whom and Lord Henry responds "To some little actress or other"
  • Unpredicted situation
  • Basil was incredulous and kind upset by the news and says that he doesn’t want to see Dorian tied to some vile creature.Lord Henry says that the girl apparently is beautiful, which Lord Henry views as one of the highest virtues, and that he himself does not approve or disapprove of this situation or any other. Lord Henry explains that life is not for making such judgments.
  • Diferents points of view
  • Don’t, Harry. You have annoyed Dorian. He is not like other men. He would never bring misery upon any one. His nature is too fine for that
  • Dorian sits at the table and tells them how it all happened and he confess that their engagement is a dead secret.
  • overwhelmed on the way to the theater
  • I will lose Dorian forever. This marriage will drive us apart but it could be worst.
  • After the performance Dorian went to the backstage to talk to sibyl. They were sitting together and suddenly they kissed. He can't describe what he felt but Sibyl trembled all over and shook like a white narcissus.
  • Basil is overwhelmed. Lord Henry and Dorian discuss about life, pleasure and love. Dorian also says that he didn't make any formal proposal, he told her that he loved her, and she said she was not worthy to be his wife.
  • You are quite incorrigible, Harry; but I don’t mind. It is impossible to be angry with you
  • Women are wonderfully practical(...) In situations of that kind we often forget to say anything about marriage, and they always remind us
  • Lord Henry and Dorian go to the theater where Sibyl Vane is to perform that night. and Basil follows them separately in another carriage. Basil feels that Dorian will never be the same to him again.
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