Women independence
Updated: 1/19/2021
Women independence

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  • This country life is such a flat tire, I'm moving to the city!
  • Jake, but you're going without me!
  • The city is so much better than that smelly barn!
  • Women in the 20's
  • Hmm, I wonder what's in here.
  • Wendy wants her and her brother, John, to move to the city, but John doesn't want to.
  • Wendy made it to the city, she feels more independent than she ever has before!
  • My dogs are getting tired, but it's so worth it!
  • You're the Bee's Knees!
  • Wendy has been drawn to a strange building.
  • Wendy wandered into a speakeasy. After Wendy saw the flappers, she fell in love with their careless, free, independent personalities and style.
  • Wow! So pretty!
  • Wendy decided to become a flapper.