Unknown Story
Updated: 2/20/2021
Unknown Story

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  • On this fine day, Ty Murphy was about to run in one of his cross-country meets, and his coach, Mrs. Menendez, had one last thing to tell him...
  • You must win this race, NO MATTER WHAT!!!
  • Anything?
  • Yes, Ty. It is your destiny to win this race, no matter what it takes!
  • Ok.
  • Start
  • Late in the race, Ty remembers what Mrs. Menendez told him, and he was trailing behind the first place runner by only a few yards.
  • She did say, "anything"...
  • Oh look! A baseball bat...
  • No! Please!
  • Ty won the race that day. The victim of the incident did not remember anything that happened, and it was decided that a bear was the reason for the breaking of the student's legs and the major concussion. No one ever knew who the culprit really was...